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Hydrangea and Rose in Vase

Painted in acrylic on Strathmore mixed media paper – vellum surface 6" x 8".  This piece was  great to paint as the flowers were dried from last summer from my garden and unlike fresh flowers they would never wilt!  

A Rose

watercolor on Garza Papel paper 20×14 cm. 300 grs A fun sketch of a rose in a vase to try out some free paper samples from Garza Papel. It is a handmade recycled paper.

"Raindrops on Roses…"

Watercolor on Arches 300# cold press paper, 11 x 14 inches.  This rose is in the little garden in front of my studio. It's a floribunda by the name of Floral Fairytale and it blooms prolifically spring and summer. The deer and I go to fist city over it as the summer progresses, but they…

Garden Joy

  watercolor on Fabriano paper 23 x 30.5cm I loved the light going through the delicate rose. The image is from the Paint My Photo site.

Roses Are Red

Oh the mystery of the red rose………..and nothing more mysterious than the colour of a red rose……a vibrant dance of reds, crimsons, magenta, burgundy, pinks and hints of orange, mauves and maroon.

Rose and tears of joy..

….well, just another strange and beautiful inspiration of the moment … it looks a bit better in full size.. Comments and Critiques are always welcomed!   A wonderful day to you all!