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I'll Go Get Mom!

this was such a joy to paint. I went to the beach last week and took dozens of pictures. When I viewed this one I couldn't believe what I caught. It reminds me so when my children were little. The young girl in the middle is stuck in the wet sand. It looks like the…


Life is full of journeys…..the day becoming night, the truck moving through the forest on the interstate, the clouds flying across the sky and over the mountains, summer giving way to fall………we can all relate in some way.   24"x30", oil on linen.

It's magic..

This is my latest work done for a workshop with R.Robinson. So much fun and so much to learn.. Comments and critiques are always welcome! A wonderful evening to everyone!

Platte Clove Autumn

18 X 24 Pastel Painting. Done from a photo taken during a recent hike into the beautiful Platte Clove in the Catskill Mountains. C&C welcome

Lake Fabian

16 X 20 Pastel painting.  A friend's lake with the Catskills behind. This is a commission. C & C please.

Two Against One

Reflections, reflections, they're always interesting to observe and try to paint.  The family's always happy when I decide to paint donuts, obviously nothing goes to waste with 2 kids in the house. Kept a loose background, which I am really liking, I used to stress out a little on what to do with the background but…

"Squeezed In"

So right away when I get done I see that my proportions are off, I got so carried away painting the reflections on the glass bowl I forgot to step away and get a good look.  But for this attempt I'm ok with that because I was focusing on the reflections anyway and the values…