Tag: Reeds

Nap time…

I've used 2 photos as reference for this painting…I love boats but  I've found them pretty hard to paint, so I keep trying…  ..it looks a bit better in full size Comments and critiques are always welcomed A wonderful day to everyone!

Cohotate Pond

16 X 20 Pastel Painting.  Cohotate Nature Preserve. A pond on the property. I loved the reflections and the tall reeds.  Comments welcome. 

Mallard reflecting WIP

12 X 16.  I'm doing this from a photo reference for a friend, but I feel stuck!  I could use some advice as to how to finish it or improve it.  Maybe I should start over. Comments appreciated.

Shuttle…… :)

Hi All here is my effort taken from the picture…'Practice Flight'   on paint my photo…link below http://paintmyphoto.ning.com/photo/practice-flight   water color on 140 paper, A4 size   regards pon