Tag: Red

Snowy Fire Hydrant

It almost took on a personality of its' own, topped with snow, vibrant colors and shining sun causing shadows.  10"x8"….oil on cotton/lbirch panel.

Mary's Boats

30" x 40" acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas. This is from the summer. Since my daughter's family just headed south for a vacation, and we're up here in the rainy cold, I needed a reminder of warm and sunny days. This painting is a compilation of two separate photos, so I could get all the colors…

Sailor sky

This is a blue boat, it is under a red sky, the sky is so hopeful and the boat is lost, but that's ok, tomorrow will be bright and, for now, the little boat has no holes.

Study in Crimson amd Green

A watercolor based on a photo that I took somewhere. It is highly stylized, as usual, but the original shot was not a good one. Something about the background greenery just kind of struck a chord, so off I went.

Gnarled Muse

18×24 Abstract Acrylic.  Colorful abstract of a twisted and gnarled stump found on a walk.  $200