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Bedroom II by Ben Fenske, oil painting, 35 x 43.

No Crisis Here, Look Elsewhere

Contemporary Figurative Artists Are Staking a Claim I roll my eyes every time I hear about representational and figurative art and realism being “imperiled.” Why? Because there are so many important representational artists painting right now. It’s almost offensive how people think legitimacy comes with the passage of time. History can be a great equalizer,…

The Metropolitan Museum of Art's good, bad, and ugly issues.

The Good, Bad, and Ugly of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Don’t Plan Your Next Trip to the Met Without Reading This First The forced resignation of museum director Thomas Campbell. A fiscal deficit as high as $40 million. Six-figure executive bonuses amidst a churn of austerity buy-outs and layoffs. The numbers and their implications have certainly frenzied art world insiders over the past several weeks,…

Beaver Pond

Watercolor on Fabriano 100% cotton paper 50 x 30 cm This pond is near my sister's cotage at Algonquin Park in Canada. I painted it to my sister after my photos