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Bedroom II by Ben Fenske, oil painting, 35 x 43.

No Crisis Here, Look Elsewhere

Contemporary Figurative Artists Are Staking a Claim I roll my eyes every time I hear about representational and figurative art and realism being “imperiled.” Why? Because there are so many important representational artists painting right now. It’s almost offensive how people think legitimacy comes with the passage of time. History can be a great equalizer,…


Drawing / Sketch”TEXAS CHARM” (by Jon Hul 2016) An original black & white graphite pencil drawing rendered on paper, measuring 20″ X 16″ (vertical). The beautiful model depict in the artwork is Brandy Lee. The time frame utilized in rendering the art took 6 days, from start to finish. By all who view the art,…

Women sketch

Drawing / Sketch dFirst work under ‘The power of women’.A female actress watching everything happening around her. 2B pencil drawing. Save