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Miles to Go by Elaine Lierly Jones, pastel landscape

2 Keys to Unlocking Your Momentum

Pastel Landscape Power! Engaging with my creativity is fun and yet can be stressful too! I set aside time and I am a big fan of the “creative burst,” in which I create a time-pressure situation to make a painting or do a series of sketches but if I don’t have a focus or a…

Pastel drawings: Canyon Moonrise by Denise LaRue Mahlke

Two Ways, One Result: A Beautiful Pastel

Choose Your Adventure: Two Ways of Underpainting for Pastel Drawings It is always exciting to see how artists work differently within the bounds of a single medium or genre. As a wannabe artist, I know there is a takeaway worth learning in both scenarios, but I also stand the chance of discovering a way of…

31 Place Des Moulins

Pastel Painting Pastel and pastel pencils on charcoal paper – 9″ x 15″ Based on a photo taken on a tour of Marseille, France, from a cruise my wife and I took last May from Venice to Barcelona. Made a few modifications from the photo to improve the scene. This will be a gift for…

Country Lane

Pastel Painting Pastel on Strathmore Pastel paper series 400 From the book called Pastel painting step-by-step Peter Coombs,Margaret Evans and Paul Hardy Save Save Save Save Save