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Pastel drawings: Canyon Moonrise by Denise LaRue Mahlke

Two Ways, One Result: A Beautiful Pastel

Choose Your Adventure: Two Ways of Underpainting for Pastel Drawings It is always exciting to see how artists work differently within the bounds of a single medium or genre. As a wannabe artist, I know there is a takeaway worth learning in both scenarios, but I also stand the chance of discovering a way of…

Minon, from the series Nudes of the world

This is a pastel on canvas (88x72cm) which is part of a series I,m working. The series is about, like its name says, nudes of people from around the globe. I get in touch with them throughsocial networks, mainly instagram, tumblr and facebook and ask them if could use their photos on my series. 

growing up…

This is a 50x40cm pastel drawing on tinted paper.  I merged two separate pictures of my children at different stages of their growing up…the shy pre-adolescent stage and the charming 'missing teeth' stage…needless to say I'm not their favourite person at the moment… Your critique and advice is always welcome!!  Have a lovely Sunday 🙂

Blue Face

Pastel on 18 x 24 Canson Paper, Crow Warrior with war paint, blue meaning courage and gold/orange meaning ready to die in battle.


This is an early portrait of my daughter when she was two years old. It was drawn from a photograph on A3 tinted paper with pastel pencils.


This is my first large scale portrait I drew in 2008 (52cmX68cm) using pastel pencils on tinted paper.