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El Moro #2, Cemetary, Old San Juan by Judith Carducci, pastel drawing.

Is It Pastel Drawing or Pastel Painting?

Stirring Up the Confusing Controversy Many pastelists consider their pieces to be paintings. Many others think of the medium in terms of drawing. To further complicate the issue, I’ve heard dozens of artists speak about the medium both in painting terms as well as drawing ones — sometimes within the span of the same breath!…

Flower Clouds by Odilon Redon, 1903, pastel.

Pastel Drawings by the Most Famous Artists of All Time

Why Master Artists Chose Pastel I love art history. Love it with a passion. But I’m also woke to its shortcomings, most notably that the art history I was exposed to is but one art history among many. The art history of pastel drawings certainly fits the bill as a history that has been sidelined…