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Colorful Wisdom

Original Watercolor.   This painting is very different from any others I have done.  I was completely surprised when I posted it and someone messaged me and wanted to buy it within 10 minutes of my post!  It was something I just had fun with but had no expectations..

Owl, Cliffs – A Nod to Legend of the Guardians

This was inspired by all the promo going on for the new Digi-Animated film. (The look is wonderful. ) So I did this digitally. The Bkg is a recreation of the cliffs in one scene. The Owl is mine- Not exactly one that is in the film, but it is the same type.

great horned owl

This is another earlier painting which I don't hate. (I am working on a painting right now, I'm just panting rather slowly 🙂 . Something that involves patience…. wish me luck, I always tend to get ahead of myself.)

Long-eared Owl

Some winters Long-eared Owls gather in a few trees not far from where I live in Lund, Southern Sweden. I painted this one two winters ago. You can see more of my illustrations at www.manssjoberg.blogspot.com.