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Roses II

I painted this alla  prima in acrylic on Strathmore Mixed Media paper 6" x 8".  This piece is a continuing exploration of color, semi-abstract expressionistic style.

Still Life 8 8"x8" oil

We are snowed in today so this is a cheerful image to stare at for a few hours.  I don't think this photo does it justice.  The contrast is not enough.  I keep complaining about my photos so I guess I am going to have to get someone to tutor me on how to get…

Citrus Garden

watercolor on paper 38 x 28 cm. I found the inspiration for this painting in Greece, walking by an orange juice bar. http://watercolors-celiablanco.blogspot.it/

Oranges on Ridgewood

Just finished "Oranges on Ridgewood" 8 x 10 acrylic         Tribute to Florida oranges and strawberrries.  I would love to hear your comments http://sharonrepple.com/

Rainbow Oranges

watercolor on paper 10" x 7"/ 25 x 18 cm.   For those of you who are not familiar with the Tarocco blood orange, it is a treat around this time of year here in Italy. They explode with juice and color when sliced. In our family it's almost like a prize to see who…

Arroyo Grande Sunrise

30"x24" oil on linen…….While in California last year, I drove by these trees every morning on my way to paint.  They greet the sun every day……full of color, drama………and hope for the coming day.  Susan D. Gutting Fine Art; Susan Gutting Fine Art Facebook page and profile;  Daily Paint Works


"PICK ME" was painted from a photograph that I took while visiting friends in Arizona. It was in the early morning just as the sun was rising and the light was hitting the top of this young orange tree. This is a large 38" x 48" gallery wrapped canvas. Painted with heavy acrylics and gels for vivid texture.