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Vanity’s Veil

Oil Painting Painted for a very special person in my life, Vanity’s Veil reflects several different stages of this person. I threw everything I could remember about her, and her likes (and dislikes). I really had fun doing it. And cradled within this scene, is a very strange looking chair, I couldn’t symbolically leave a…


Oil Painting Im a huge fan of Olympics, and after watching American team ( swimmers) winning a gold medal, that hug, i said to myself ; this will be a great painting. So i painted it. This painting was also a part of my graduation work ( Hands trough art history). Save

The cities of the Moon

Oil Painting From the series “Code”, oil and graphite pencil on paper, 30 x 30 cm. A map is an imprint, a sign of man in the landscape. An alien intelligence, observing our cities from the great distances of the space, could interpret them as the characters of an alphabet, sort of messages, a code…

Oil painting for Canada 150th anniversary of Confederation

Oil Paintings Around 1867, Canada fathers made a wise decision and outstanding efforts to get Canada from the Pacific to the Atlantic and made the decision to build railway throughout Canada from the east to the west. In the railway of rocky mountain, the most difficult and key section, had tens of thousands of Chinese…


Drawing / Sketch Fruit Apple Oil painting297 X 210 mm 10.3.2016. Save

Playa III

Oil Painting Óleo sobre tela 60 X 70 cm. Serie: Valeria del Mar Septiembre 2015 /www.facebook.com/enriquealegrepintor/photos/a.411419769038935.1073741828.411381712376074/492790814235163/?type=3&theater Save