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West End, New Orleans Lakefront

Plein air painting of West End, New Orleans Lakefront; oil;16×20 in.;09/14 View of the Mojave Moon yacht, the seafood restaurant, the  new light house on Lake Pontchartrain and the shipmate's motorcycle.  Painting by (Al) Alois Paul Champagne.  

Night Joy 2

this piece is about the air at night, the almost silent joy that can exist in the twinkling lights, what do you think of this little painting?

Night Joy 3

This work is in progress, so it will evolve, there are more characters on their way, more stories to tell, but these two are so in love, I could not wait to share them! I hope you find some joy here, it is full of love. I am sure that there will be a trumpeter…

River Raga Abstract; Canto Series; oil; 30x40in.; 2014

River Raga in Canto Series; oil; 30×40; 2014    One of my Canto Series of ideographs painted extemporaneously. Like the  original, nearly incomprehensible  Cantos of Ezra Pound, I created an automatic system of ideographs. .Instead of words on lines,  I let my mind formed the symbols with colors, shapes and lines. I did not want to draw pictographs…


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