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One Tree, mixed media on canvas

  A mixed media painting on canvas. I used acrylics, inks, dried pastels and oil pastels, thread, gel medium….   I am going add a post on my blog this week outlining a few techniques I am using when painting mixed media.    

Mother's Day Roses, mixed media on canvas

A mixed media painting I just finished, It’s actually painted on top of an old painting I didn’t like any more. As usual I did lots of collage, layering, scrubbing, mixing media, and I recorded the whole process to make a mini movie, and this time I added some comments to better understand the pictures.…

The Picnic Spot, mixed media on canvas

  My last mixed media painting, with collage, acrylic and oil pastels. I made a small movie recording the different steps in the making of that painting, you see the painting at different steps of layering and scrubbing off.   Here is a short video showing that process:

The unsung song, watercolor and mixed media on paper

Another portrait of my daughter. The face is done in watercolor with lots of layers (see demos on my website), and I used mixed media in the background : India ink,acrylic, watercolors and watercolor crayons.In my recent paintings I like to add patterns and/or abstract textures in the background.I used Arches watercolor paper cold press 140…

One of a kind : Louise, mixed media on paper

This is a mixed media on paper painting of my daughter. It was a few months ago , the beginning  of my experimentations with portraits and mixed media, I used some acrylic and gesso  in the background and some pastels for contouring.  I even tried to sew a little on the paper, which works great but is not so…

Sisters, watercolor and mixed media on paper

This is great when the fighting stops and they start to have fun together!Watercolor, Acrylic and pastels for contouring and some red watercolor crayon on top of the paint on Arches paper (cold press 300lb), with red watercolor crayon on top of the facesoriginal size : 22×28 inches