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Thanksgiving 2014

You guys have gotten away so far without being exposed to my digital art. So the time has come … Keep in mind – I'm in the learning stages on this!

We Saw His Star

I have been working on some different design ideas for my elephant. I know this one is a little early, but I was playing with the F&W inks again and this is what I came up with.

2014 Workshop in Austin, TX

Think that I am going to call this finished. I could probably make endless tweaks and knowing how I am, that might happen. In the meantime, here it is. This was the second workshop with Scott Waddell and I am finally feeling brave enough to go back and work on the painting from last year's…

2014 Workshop

Obviously, I didn't get to finish this, but I got a chance to attend the 2014 workshop with Scott Waddell in Austin again this year. I enjoyed and learned so much last year that I went back. As before, it was enjoyable and there was so much to learn. Chelsey modeled for us, and Danny…

Day 21 Self Portrait

This was the day 21 challenge for #draw21days. I am laughing because I drew this before with watercolor pencils, but today I did this in graphite. I am wondering, if I just used graphite pencils for my make-up would it make me look this young?


Tried to do a page full of doodles for the #draw21days challenge. This is what I came up with. Hoping that I am not flunking doodling. Just kidding, the challenge is fun and the whole point of it is to get people motivated and into the creative mode. For more about the day 10 project,…