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Goat Face

Goat Face, Portrait, 2015 Pencil and Ink on Paper (14in x 17in) Just $65.99 https://www.etsy.com/listing/218286295/goat-portrait-original-drawing-pencil-on?ref=pr_shop  

One rainy evening..

  This is a  painting  inspired by a scene I've seen on a rainy evening when I was strolling down to the main street in Breckenridge, a lovely place in Colorado. I love rain and is always a nice subject for me to paint. Comments and critiques are always welcome A lovely evening to everyone!

FB Friend

An FB friend Avid photographer Taking lunch and break from work. He loves to shoot Now he is shot!

Wild West Wind

Just drew it in my Ecology Class…when i was getting bored with the lecture… The world is but a canvas to the imagination…. Well said Henry David…..