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Book- Apple Picking

9"x9" acrylic I have been working on a project to do paintings for a children's book.  I started it a few weeks ago and posted three of the illustrations.  I am doing this in what I call "coloring book" style.  I wanted them to look simple and childlike.  I must admit that I am enjoying…

Amelie-An 4

just got this one done, let me know what you think thanks, Thu This painting is 8×10 inches, framed www.thunguyenpaintings.com  

A Swinging Time

Swinging highs, swinging lows,  Higher and Higher she goes, Going up to meet the sky,  Like a bird, she will fly, Going higher, daredevil try,  For a moment, for a while, Descending, breaking smile,      


oil on canvas, 8×10 inches This is the first portrait I've done on canvas since 1988…let me know what do you think? I tried to capture the moment of my youngest daughter "deep in thought" 🙂since 1988, I used strictly wood panels for all figure paintings.