Tag: Limited Palette

2014 Workshop in Austin, TX

Think that I am going to call this finished. I could probably make endless tweaks and knowing how I am, that might happen. In the meantime, here it is. This was the second workshop with Scott Waddell and I am finally feeling brave enough to go back and work on the painting from last year's…

2014 Workshop

Obviously, I didn't get to finish this, but I got a chance to attend the 2014 workshop with Scott Waddell in Austin again this year. I enjoyed and learned so much last year that I went back. As before, it was enjoyable and there was so much to learn. Chelsey modeled for us, and Danny…

Chasing the Northern Lights

I love doing horses from any vantage point, even when they decide to run away from me.  There were actually about 8 horses in the pasture and I just picked out the most interested 'hind quarters'.    I could have named it, "Butt, was  it something I said?"   Well, they weren't really running away……

Wings of Night by K Henderson

Wings of Night, oil on linen, 30 x 30 If you follow my work, you'll know that  I've been using a more subdued limited palette of colors in the past several months. I love the subtlety of these paintings, But I have gotten more than one request of "We want more color!" So, In response,…

Hears the Spirit by K. Henderson

Hears the Spirit, 30 x 40, oil on linen I've been painting several monochromatic, limited palette paintings lately and I wanted to paint something with lots of color. This painting is the result http://khendersonart2.blogspot.com

San Antonio Sunset

Newest painting. Used some sample paper that I had on hand that is probably meant more for drawing.   The second photo of the painting has very slight modifications that hopefully have improved the painting.

Diamond Drive-In

This is a little diner in Clarksville, AR just a few miles off of I-40.  This was done with a limited palette of Ult. Blue, Vermillion hue, and Indian Yellow.  9X12, oil on oak panel.