Tag: Lights

Night Joy 2

this piece is about the air at night, the almost silent joy that can exist in the twinkling lights, what do you think of this little painting?

Night Joy 3

This work is in progress, so it will evolve, there are more characters on their way, more stories to tell, but these two are so in love, I could not wait to share them! I hope you find some joy here, it is full of love. I am sure that there will be a trumpeter…

Texas Dawn

14"x18"…..graham oils on linen….The dawn was lovely, peaceful, after a night of fierce thunderstorms.  The lights of the  small, quaint town of Castroville are seen in the distance.  

"Making a Cookie For Santa" graphite

"Making a Cookie For Santa"  Graphite drawing.      Kids love to bake and to make a special cookie for Santa.  its their way of showing appreciation for his generosity.   Don't forget the milk…..