Tag: Landscapes

Nature Peace

Acrylic on Canvas. “The Nature” During my recent visit I caught some sites in my mind and imagine to illustrate on canvas. I included one more peaceful painting, which inspired by nature peace, that we all are seeking now a days. During making of this painting I was feeling the nature in very natural way.…

Dancing in the Rain

Well I have had enough of winter and snow and cold. Time for some FUN. I laughed the whole time I was doing this so it must of been good for my spirit. Acrylic on mix media paper. 9×11.

"St. Richard's"

"St. Richard's" Episcopal Church Round Rock, Tx. 11" x 14" Acrylic on cardbard, 10-17-2014  www.facebook.com/CharlieGunnArtist  

30-30 #18 2"x4.5"

Today is Sept. 18 and this is painting #18…I am all caught up for the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge.  Clearly it is not a challenge to help you produce your best work…it is just a challenge to get you focused every day on painting. I chose to do miniatures which are a new…