Tag: Land Scape

Una Vez Mas, Sedona

 Located in Arizona, I asked my brother Jackson to send over some pics, Just behind the trees is a river, Nice to know where ever you live on this planet, You can always find something nice to paint, Una Vez Maz, SEDONA,,painted on 140 lb paper, watercolors

Joaquin Miller , Quick Rain

Joaquin Miller Park, Located in the East Oakland Hills.Last Month it rained for a minute. I happened to capture this picture. I wanted to stick around and capture more pics, But I had to go………….. see ya Painted with water colors on 140 lb, 12×16

Sanctuary Path

20×16 AcrylicHave you ever traveled to a place so remote that the road you took to get there didn't even have a name? The owners of this peaceful Cyprus lake actually had the privilege of naming the road to it. 'Sanctuary Path' leads to a place that is truly a sanctuary worthy of the name.Painted…

Maumelle Valley Wetland

This is one of my first plein air pieces to come out reasonable enough for me to display.  There was some studio work involved too to bring out the lights and unify it.  This area is close to where I live and will soon be surrounded by large homes.  8X10, Oil on Board http://paintingarkansas.blogspot.com

Tyler Bend Bluff

Tyler Bend is a popular camping area on the Buffalo National River very close to US Highway 65 that gets a lot of canoe traffic in the summer months.  When I was there in late February it was pretty quiet, which is the way I like it.  The late afternoon sun was streaming into the…