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Beaver Pond

Watercolor on Fabriano 100% cotton paper 50 x 30 cm This pond is near my sister's cotage at Algonquin Park in Canada. I painted it to my sister after my photos

It's magic..

This is my latest work done for a workshop with R.Robinson. So much fun and so much to learn.. Comments and critiques are always welcome! A wonderful evening to everyone!

Minnesota Conversation Pit

  Minnesota Conversation Pit Oil on 16 X 20 Stretched Canvas I decided to paint another “Fall Colors” painting more than a month ago and got well on my way when I got an email from an old friend advising me of the passing of another old friend from the 1970s. At that time he…

West End, New Orleans Lakefront

Plein air painting of West End, New Orleans Lakefront; oil;16×20 in.;09/14 View of the Mojave Moon yacht, the seafood restaurant, the  new light house on Lake Pontchartrain and the shipmate's motorcycle.  Painting by (Al) Alois Paul Champagne.