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Decoration Day preliminary charcoal

Charcoal on paper 28inX48in.  This was done the same size as the painting will be.  I do these to work out all the compositional aspects and details prior to painting.  The idea is to identify and tackle every possible challenge to keep from getting mired down later on.  At least that's the hope…  Thank you…

Rolling The Snow

Oil on canvas 18X24.  Back in the horse and sleigh days, snow covered roads weren't plowed.  Instead, to make a nice, smooth track for the sleighs, they were rolled by a big sand-filled barrel looking contraption pulled by a team of horses.  Those days are long gone, but the buildings depicted here remain just a…

Rolling Snow (WIP)

Oil on canvas 18X24.  Much more to go on this, but I think you can see where I'm headed.  We've had an early winter here, and it inspired me to show how our great grand-parents dealt with snow.  I thank you very much for taking a moment to look!

Coming Down The Mountain

Oil on canvas 24X24in.  Logging back in the day was as dangerous for beast as it was for man.  Many a poor horse was run over by the load of logs they were pulling down the icy and snowy hills.  Thanks for looking, I greatly appreciate it!


Some of this is done, lots more isn't, but my idea is starting to be recognizable– I think.  Thank you for looking!

The Captain's

oil on panel 12X18.  This is a commissioned piece.  My client wanted to show her cottage on the coast of Maine, and also to incorporate her view from it.  I always enjoy commissions as they give me an opportunity to paint a scene I may not have thought of doing on my own.  Thank you…

Daily Commute

oil on canvas 24X30.  My first up-load didn't take, so sorry for the redundancy.  This is how I imagine a common scene from 100 years ago may have looked.  These are lots of fun for me to do, because I have to really stretch my imagination!  I thank you for taking a closer look!

Daily Commute WIP

This detail is from a larger piece I'm working on showing a scene from America's past.  It wasn't always so easy to get around as it is today…  Thank you for taking a moment to look!

Day Dreamer

Oil on canvas 24X20in.  I've been posting WIP's of this for a couple of weeks, and here is the finished piece.  My Grandaughter Paige posed for me, and while it's not a portrait, I couldn't have done this without her.  Thank you for looking!

Daydreaming WIP

Every painting has to go through its awkward teen-age phase.  I've laid in the preliminary colors, and now I'm working toward the finish from left to right.  That means I have the right oil lamp, the girl and door to finish. I'm glazing the translucent oil lamp chimneys, and using a thicker texture for the…

Daydreaming Grisaille

A few days ago I posted a shot of the underdrawing on canvas of this piece.  This is the next step in my process: the monochrome underpainting, or grisaille.  This is where all that preliminary drawing comes into use; using one color, (Mars Violet Deep) I thinly paint over the drawing, which automatically sets my darks…