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The Mouse by K Henderson

Mickey Cards, 24" x 24", oil on canvas This card game was manufactured around 1946 and was included in a 'six pack' of other card games. The box measures 2.75" x 1.875". See more of my Contemporary Realism paintings on My Blog https://fineartoils.wordpress.com/2015/02/13/the-mouse/

Cowboy Still Life by K Henderson

Cowboy Still Life, 36 x 36, oil on canvas What cowboy wouldn't want a fancy pair of boots, a nice set of spurs and a six shooter? Inquire See more of my Western Art and American Indian paintings on My Website www.khenderson.com

The Game of Cootie by K Henderson

The Game of Cootie, 20 x 16, oil on cradled board This children's game was created by William Schaper in 1948 and sold millions in its first years. The object of the original game is to be the first player to build a "cootie" piece by piece. Body parts are acquired with a roll of…

PB&J #2 by K Henderson

PB&J #2, oil on linen, 24 x 36 In a recent survey when asked about Peanut Butter and Jelly preferences 36 % say strawberry jam is favorite (grape is 31%); favorite bread is white bread (54%); favorite type of peanut butter is smooth (56%) and a whopping 80 % like their PB & J with…

Evening Star by K Henderson

Evening Star, 16 x 20, oil on linen I had a request for a few American Indian women paintings. Here's the first one. This Plains Indian women  wears eagle feathers and a red ribbon in her hair. Inquire See more of my Western Art and American Indian paintings on My Website

Flying Aces by K Henderson

Flying Aces, 24 x 48, oil on linen This is my my most recent painting from my Vintage Board Games series. FLYING ACES No.72  was published by Selchow & Righter Company , New York, NY. 1940. Artwork by William Longyear. This painting will be included in the Wild Bunch Art Show at Lovetts Gallery ,…

Peanut Butter and Jelly by K Henderson

Peanut Butter and Jelly, 30 x 40, oil on linen Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches are among my top three favorite foods (the other 2 are ice cream and pizza) Not only are these sandwiches delicious, they are also beautiful. The texture of the bread, the smoothness of the peanut butter and the shine and…

Teach My Heart to Sing by K Henderson

Teach My Heart to Sing,36 x 30, oil on canvas This plains Indian carries a shield adorned with trade cloth. He wear eagle feathers in his hair. his buckskin shirt is beaded Inquire See more of my Western Art and American Indian paintings on My Website   www.khenderson.com