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Commissioned from a low resolution picture. As I could not pick out fine details, I chose to brush blend to approximate what I could make out and achieve a soft focus effect. I used Kimberly graphite H, B, 2B, and 9xxB on Fabriano hotpress watercolor paper patrickentenmann.com

Richard von Weizaecker – portrait

He was the Bundespraesident in Germany, when I was a teen there and I did this portrait from a small new paper clip with hard pastels in 1989 for an exibit – a portrait of someone everyone would (then) immediately recognize – it worked!

Endurance race

I sold her the horse, a grullo Spanish Mustang gelding with exceptional strength, stamina and endurance ability. In their first year together, my friend Sheri participated in several endurance races and placed always very well. This is her on Arapaho having fun in her 30 mile race in Edgemont, SD several years ago. If I…

Black Hills Mountain Lions

Portrait in Pastel, painted from several photos in 2008. original size: 19" x 26", LE prints available.at www.paintingsbyisa.com Mountain Lions are heavily hunted in our area and are going extinct due to it in the near furture. If you ever seen one in the wild it is a moment you will never forget – what…