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Watercolor Painting: Roses painted in modern art style with watercolours which shows its floral beauty.

Floral painting: White Roses in a Vase 1906 Victoria Dubourg Fantin-Latour, floral painting.

5 Unique Ways to Make a Floral Painting

So Many Ways of Painting Flowers! Spring is in the air and that means a return to one of our favorite subject matters–floral painting. When I started writing I thought I might have trouble settling on just five unique looks for painting flowers–and I was right. That’s because every artist paints flowers differently. Whether in…

Glowing Lanterns

Long-time readers of Perspectives know that we sometimes write about inspiring or interesting subjects we discover while on our walks in the country near our home, and today was one of those moments. Our weather is extremely variable, so warm days in March and April are not unusual. However, this makes it hard to tell…

red flowers

from the series “Botany’s notebook”, oil and pencil on paper. 30 x 44 cm, 2016. These are the plants that I grow on my balcony. I have a small balcony with a few pots of flowers, and these are the things I see more when I’m sitting at my desk, and every time I look…