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Sargent and Monet

We are lucky that Sargent (along with Monet and so many of their artist contemporaries) lived in a time of hand-written letters, many with sketches included, revealing interesting insights into their lives. A recent exhibition titled “Your Sincerely, John S. Sargent” at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston included a selection of correspondence, drawings…

Crime and Punishments

The idea of this painting takes the story of “Murder on the Orient Express” by Agatha Christie, in which a three-year-old child was kidnapped and killed by a man, despite collecting the ransom from her wealthy family. The murderer was caught, but fled the country after he was acquitted. But after many years, he was…


Brothers is painting with water color on paper 15×11 inch It told the emotions, and love of human

Thomas Schaller

A Moment with Thomas Schaller

The First in an Artist Daily Exclusive Series: Masters of American Watercolor—Thomas Schaller   How did you become interested in watercolor? Growing up in rural Ohio, my only exposure to the wider world in general, and to art in particular, was through books. My mother and grandmother had quite a collection of art books, and as…

Glowing Lanterns

Long-time readers of Perspectives know that we sometimes write about inspiring or interesting subjects we discover while on our walks in the country near our home, and today was one of those moments. Our weather is extremely variable, so warm days in March and April are not unusual. However, this makes it hard to tell…

The Scarlet Fringe (Sakkou)

The Scarlet Fringe (Sakkou) – 33cm x 24cm oil on linen ​This is a painting of a maiko (apprentcie geisha) viewed from behind. She is wearing the “sakkou” hairstyle, which is the last hairstyle a maiko wears before she becomes a geisha.

Photograph of Euonymus Alatus Monstrosa in the Forest © J. Hulsey

Glowing Embers

What is it about this time of year that can send us into a creative tailspin? Yes, the sunlight has diminished in hours and intensity, and that can account for part of the mood changes, no question. But, as we were walking through the bare forest and fields this morning, it occurred to us that…