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Greenville Sunset

24 X 36 Pastel Painting.  My Biggest painting yet.  I snapped this photo even though my husband said you can take a picture directly facing the sun.  I did it anyway.  lol.  I am truly blessed to have such beautiful scenes around me.

Barn at Olana

16 X 20 Pastel Painting.  Done from a photo reference taken last year at Olana. C & C welcome.

The little house on the hill..

This is just another little experiment where I used the palette knife in most of the painting,  pretty hard job…. I feel more comfortable with my brushes… C+Critiques are always welcomed!   A wonderful day to everyone!


16 X 20 Pastel painting. Fields and fields of goldenrod.  Beautiful golds and greens. C&C welcome.