Tag: Female Figure

Tagger in Training

This is another watercolor of Cadillac Ranch just West of Amarillo, Texas. When we stopped by there in June, there was a field trip of young children, each with a can of spray paint, decorating the cars. Are we teaching our children right ? This watercolor is on a full sheet of 300 lb Arches…

On The Porch

15 x22 inch watercolor. One of my figure paintings selected to appear in "Best of Worldwide Portraits and Figures", by Kennedy Publishing.

Promethia, Goddess of Fire

This is an exercise in digital AirBrush and Knife effects thru "Oils" to produce the desired image. Orig size 5000×4000 pxls at 500 ppi. resolution.

ASSassination of reason

This is part of a series of  America today. It seems the new fad is to be anti-american. Who's a huge supporter of this? Sean Penn and Obama. http://www.hiramsart.com  

Grandma’s Letter

This isn't a portrait of her, just an image that evokes her sitting there, usually on Sunday afternoons. Writing to various people, mostly family members.  Fine Art Digital Painting. In style of Impressionistic oils on canvas. Orig. working size appx. 12×16" at 200 ppi.