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Tess iii

Oil on Linen100 b x 80 h, 39" w x 31" h Only half-way through…The progress on Tess can be viewed over here.


This was done for an art auction over on Facebook in November. I am happy to say that the  original has found a new home.


Piece from my advanced Higher self portraiture folio circa 2009, 'Isolation' theme. Chalk, charcoal, pastels.

Self Portrait in Mixed Media

Self portrait which was part of my Advanced Higher expressive unit in 2009. The theme was 'Isolation'. I first painted with a very light acrylic wash, then worked over the top with chalk and charcoal. 

Snow White: A Self Portrait

A self portrait in acrylics inspired by the story of Snow White. The painting depicts the moment Snow White bites the poisoned apple and falls into a state of suspended animation. I love the idea of placing myself in stories, fairy tales or films and see it as a form of escapism from the real…

Minon, from the series Nudes of the world

This is a pastel on canvas (88x72cm) which is part of a series I,m working. The series is about, like its name says, nudes of people from around the globe. I get in touch with them throughsocial networks, mainly instagram, tumblr and facebook and ask them if could use their photos on my series.