Tag: Fantasy Drawing

Flower Queen

The Flower Queen makes haste,The Unicorn gives chase,The Hummingbird abuzz,Collecting nectar and fuss. Her wedding day draws near,She stays calm, feels no fear.The nectar for the feast,She prays for wedded bliss.  

Face of a Mermaid

One of my works in progress…the face of a mermaid.  I used this drawing to collage on to a painting I'm still working on. Created on Strathmore Bristol Paper, graphite and minimal use of white pastel. See the work in progress here: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3659527294766&set=a.2200131970795.2130993.1472170863&type=3&theater Jodi Ohl www.sweetrepeats.blogspot.com