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Metamorphic Tears

Drawing / Sketch Metamorphic Tears was extremely difficult to draw for me. I was emotionally crashing at the time. The sharp, hard lines and power driven anguish unearthed a reptilian image of lost days from many, many years past. A shadow of perhaps what could have been? Or what tragically was discarded by youthful inexperience.…


living things

Drawing / Sketch power of strenght and unity . with beautiful designed trunk .the big ears claps the nature .when i look into you i feel the giant look ,confidence, love.with beautiful eyes and the body



Drawing / Sketch when i see through you i can feel and see the love , the feelings, the tears., worried sufferings,lies,trust. i can see the beauty of each in your life


Si, death. Chinese writing

Drawing / Sketch From the series “Zi hua”, pencil on paper, 30 x 40 cm. I wanted to learn to write Chinese characters, but I’ve lost control! I have always been fascinated by the art of the ideograms, and when I was in China I spent hours and hours, enchanted to observe people trying to…


Hand Out

Drawing / Sketch Hand Out is a charcoal, pencil and conte drawing that I did several weeks ago only due to my guilt. That is, I pushed myself out of a slump that I was in. It shows how desperate I was! My subject was drowning and so was I metaforically speaking. One good thing…

Portrait drawing of the Postman by Vincent Van Gogh.

Did He Have a Lust for Line?

Portrait Drawing & Vincent Van Gogh There are a few artists that I wouldn’t like to watch working. It is always addictive to see someone drawing in a sketchbook or painting in the studio. But after seeing what Van Gogh could do with simple line to create a portrait drawing, I would definitely put him…