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Female Posterior by Benjamin Shamback, 2005, charcoal, 30 x 20.

Best Paper for Charcoal Drawing

Artists have drawn on virtually every kind of paper every produced. All types of drawing paper have their own unique characteristics. Some papers, like Bristol board, are more difficult to erase from. Others, like newsprint, are not archival. How a draftsman chooses a paper most often reflects what the drawing is meant to be or…

The Three Graces by Patricia Hannaway, charcoal and chalk drawing.

If You Don’t Get Loose

Sketching As a Starting Point It’s tricky when an activity involves technique but is actually done best when you just get loose and let things happen naturally and effortlessly. Dancing is that way, and learning how to draw and sketching are, in part, that way too. There are a lot of things that you can…



Drawing / Sketch”TEXAS CHARM” (by Jon Hul 2016) An original black & white graphite pencil drawing rendered on paper, measuring 20″ X 16″ (vertical). The beautiful model depict in the artwork is Brandy Lee. The time frame utilized in rendering the art took 6 days, from start to finish. By all who view the art,…


Endless Bridges to Cross

Chris Weller’s Bridge Drawings of New York City Taking on icons is always tricky for an artist. That is why when I saw Chris Weller’s drawings of the bridges of New York City I took notice. As the artist told me, she put off drawing the Brooklyn Bridge again and again because she wasn’t sure…


Watering Hole

Drawing / Sketch Well – what about Watering Hole? I like it (12 in. x 18 in., charcoal, pencil & conte on charcoal paper). Everyday brings new and unusual images to light. Enjoy it first for what it is, then look for what is hidden. Maybe you might “envision” something different then what I do?…


Prima Ballerina

Drawing / Sketch Prima Ballerina is one of my early surrealistic drawings. It’s 14 in. X 17 in. I used charcoal, pencil and conte on charcoal paper. I began to develop my theory of the Whimsically Bizarre; combining strange replacements for body parts but carefully creating an artistic feel rather than an illustrative one. jacabo…


Fish Fry

Drawing / Sketch 24 in. X 18 in. Charcoal, pencil, and conte. I want to point out the over fishing going on in many areas of the world! This surreal drawing draws on my concept of “Whimsically Bizarre” Surrealism. I try to bring together different objects in order to provoke confusing and awake the viewer’s…


Earth Hug

Drawing / Sketch Earth Hug is a 17 in. x 11 in. charcoal, pencil and conte drawing on charcoal paper. It is one of my early environmental drawings; I started my drawings in order give my self a break from the exhausting plunge in to oils. Save Save Save


Seasons Pass

Drawing / Sketch A charcoal, pencil and conte drawing on charcoal paper approx 18 in. x 24 in. This depicts different stages of life and the many roads taken. I like to redefine lines as solid shapes. I’m also interested in evoking a surreal presence, yet familiar enough visuals to confuse the eye and mind.…