Tag: Curtis Wood

on patrol.

pastel of a friends cat in her garden. did this on watercolor paper. comments welcome.

oven door window

a periodic occurance after cooking holiday meals. will have to clean after the first of the year. i guess you can find art any where.

indian summer day

a nice 75 degree day here in central ohio. did this from a photo taken on hoover resevoir in galena ohio . i might still do more work on it. comments welcome.

galena mudflats bird preserve

had a nice day to do this from the boardwalk facing my house on 10/1/12  and finished it from memory at home. only my second time trying to draw outside. comments welcome. it was a beautiful day.

early bird pastel sketch

this robin got my attention this morning as i passed by the lilac bush where is nest is located. he crapped in my coffee cup on my way across the yard to visit the neighbor, what the ……….