Tag: Clouds

Suns Breaking Through

this is the 5th in my fishermen series. Just finished this morning. It is my brother getting his bait ready to fish. We fished between the rain and were greatful for this break in the clouds. C&C welcome. Happy painting!

Old Paths……pinon pine

Jeremiah 6:16 "ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls." Old roads and paths are intriguing.  One wonders who came by…..a herd of buffalo, flowing over the hills?  Conestoga wagons bearing settlers west?  Native Americans watching it all……..who knows…… 36"x24" m. graham…


Life is full of journeys…..the day becoming night, the truck moving through the forest on the interstate, the clouds flying across the sky and over the mountains, summer giving way to fall………we can all relate in some way.   24"x30", oil on linen.

Celebrating A Cloudy Day

i let the brush do the work this time and didn't worry about details. This is a scene right across the highway from my home. Every time I go by it I want to paint it and I finally did. Thinking of doing a series during different weather and seasons. Can't wait.  The sky is…

Old Road Autumn

Don't you wonder who lives at the end of these roads?  Why? Do they get lonely?  Do they love solitude?  At any rate, the rain in the autumn season created a lovely mood.  10"x8" oil on cotton canvas.


This is my latest work done for a workshop with R.Robinson and a tribute to the stunning Monet's artwork. Hope you enjoy! Happy Holidays to everyone! Happy painting!