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Crochet and Violets

watercolor on paper 12" x 9"/ 30 x 23cm. I worked mostly from sketches I had made previously of the violets when they bloomed in February. Thank you for looking!

Shady Business

watercolor on paper 9x 12 inches The inspiration for this painting came from a photograph I snapped last summer, I loved the way the colorful hats and the man selling them were being accentuated by the early morning sun.


watercolor on Garza Papel paper 20×14 cm. 300 grs   Painted this from life, trying out a free paper sample. Handmade recycled paper.


 watercolor on Garza Papel paper  20×14 cm.  180 grs My dinner provided the inspiration for this painting.

A Rose

watercolor on Garza Papel paper 20×14 cm. 300 grs A fun sketch of a rose in a vase to try out some free paper samples from Garza Papel. It is a handmade recycled paper.

Garden Joy

  watercolor on Fabriano paper 23 x 30.5cm I loved the light going through the delicate rose. The image is from the Paint My Photo site.

Geranium Light

  watercolor on Cartiera Magnani paper 35 x 49 cm./ 13.5 x 19 inches   This painting is larger than what  I normally work with.

Table for One

watercolor on FABRIANO Artistico paper 12,5 x 18cm/ 5" x 7" To view more of my work, please visit my website Watercolors by Celia Blanco