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I'll Go Get Mom!

this was such a joy to paint. I went to the beach last week and took dozens of pictures. When I viewed this one I couldn't believe what I caught. It reminds me so when my children were little. The young girl in the middle is stuck in the wet sand. It looks like the…

Suns Breaking Through

this is the 5th in my fishermen series. Just finished this morning. It is my brother getting his bait ready to fish. We fished between the rain and were greatful for this break in the clouds. C&C welcome. Happy painting!

We'll Have To Put This One Back Dad

another one. Lol. This one has been a little frustrating because there is a drop off to the water so you don't see the waters edge. I tried to show that by placing a fishing pole more forward in the drop, but don't know if it was successful. Any ideas? keep on painting. oh and…

The Sailors Telescope

This is the fifth and final painting in my series, "Sailboats in the Window." This one features in addition to the sailboats, an antique telescope. It measures 16×20 and it's oils on canvas. Priced at 299. it is a great buy for a new piece  of original art for your home or office.

Getting The Bait

this scene is from Play A Linda Beach Florida. Fishermen frequent this beach for some great catch. In fact, I caught a shark there, and we enjoyed eating it. This fisherman is preparing to catch some sand fleas for bait. It's a delicacy for fish and usually gives you a catch.  This is a small…

A Morning Walk

i just finished this 12×24 acrylic painting . I originally did a study 4"x4" and decided to go large. Your comments and suggestions are welcome. happy painting!