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Little Pumpkin 5"x7" acrylic

Coming out of the fog of 4 days without electricity, internet or telephones.  It is really beautiful here..kind of like a magical winter wonderland, but there is a harsh side to the reality.  One that requires preparation…a generator, woodstove, lanterns and down comforters.  Once those things are taken care of, our attitudes can switch from…

In Good Hands 7"x7" graphite drawing

  Here is something different!  I haven't done a serious drawing for a long time…years in fact.  I do love to draw but most of the time I am just doing sketches without shading and modeling.  I was asked to do this image and decided pencil was the way to go.  I had much fun…

Naia 10"x10" oil

I have been crazy busy getting ready for a big art show…mostly making frames and then framing the paintings.  It is a lot of work, but they look great and I am excited.  I did  this commission today and am happy with it and suddenly I feel really tired!

Crossing Over

I believe in angels. I believe angels take children, when they leave this life, to heaven, where there is finally peace and happiness and all that this life could not supply them. Sickness, abuse, hunger, and neglect will all be left behind when they "Cross Over". Pastel 16×20

Untitled by choice

ballpoint, Markers, Gel Pen, Polyurethane on Bristol Board 2005. 5"X 7" This one was a love hate kind of thing. I love the colors but hate the subject. I just feel that this isn't a proper representation of my style but, I do like the social commentary.  This is about how I see the latino/Hispanic…

Give Away

8"x8" oil I am giving away this painting.  I really like it because it has all those ingredients that make it a lovely story with true romance!  A picnic in a meadow…a young couple….a kiss…..a baby in daddy's arms…what more can you ask for?  I got the idea from watching a production on Netflix.  It…

Mother and Child 6"x6" oil

I just keep working on this one…it is getting better, but who knows…I may continue to mess with it….sometimes there is one I should have wiped….but instead I never let it go. Does this happen to you?

Snack Time

7"x9" oil I wanted to see if I could do a figurative piece that had the same kind of color "pop" as the floral pieces done at Dreama Tolle Perry's workshop.  This is more subdued but I still think it has some of the pizazz I like.  It is a method I think I will…


This one was completed from life color studies and photo reference. I wanted it to maintain a feeling of freshness, so I painted it all at once. "Lullaby" – 22×16" – oil on linen http://www.artworkbyannarose.com/