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White Rock, mixed media on board

This is the second painting I made for the exhibition “exquisite landscape” that will take place at the Cityscape Art Gallery in North Vancouver. This one was to be a beach and shore painting and I had some lines that were to be part of the composition. Step by step pictures of the process here

Multi-coloured Days, watercolor and mixed media on paper

  These days I am feeling like painting a few watercolor portraits again, so this one is from a picture of my oldest daughter, Louise.I used watercolor, gouache, a bit of liquid acrylic, and watercolor crayons, on Arches paper hot press 140 lb. Click here to see a step by step painting tutorial for this…

Helleborus Orientalis

I like hellebores flowers, so graceful…I learned on Wikipedia that most species are toxic and have been used a medication. An overdose of medication containing hellebore has been suggested as a possible cause of the death of Alexander the Great.So here is a mixed media painting, acrylic and pastels on canvas, 24 × 24 inches.…

Allium Flower, acrylic on canvas

Still feeling like painting Flowers with the gorgeous weather we have been enjoying this spring, this painting is inspired by pictures I took of Allium Flowers ( more precisely common onion flowers) that were growing in my vegetable garden last year.    Click here to see a step by step painting tutorial for this mixed…

Green Mums, mixed media on canvas

Every year, in Spring, I feel like painting a few flowers. Here is my latest mixed media on canvas: Green chrysanthemums, acrylic and pastels, 24 × 24 inches. See a step by step tutorial for this mixed media painting on ARTiful, painting demos blog

moving colors..

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