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The Frankenkirche, Dresden by Johan Christian Clausen Dahl, oil painting.

5 Key Factors for Painting Skies and Clouds

A Landscape Artist Knows How Important These “Secrets” Are! Think of Turner’s skies or even Monet’s—they are multifaceted and carry the hum of several colors. The sky is rarely blue–or rarely just blue (except for a few lucky places in the world!). As many of us transition to landscape painting during the summer season, we can sometimes…

Watercolor painting by Frank Webb.

20 Master Watercolor Teachers Offer Their Best Advice

What Puts a Watercolor Beginner on the Expert Path? Every master was once a student. Every watercolor beginner deserves to hear–straight from the best teachers around–what can put them on that expert path. We contacted instructors worldwide with the expectation that they would each offer a distinctly different set of recommendations for today’s painters. Instead,…