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artchair seat

This is a picture of the seat.  It says "Reserved for Santa Claus (and Kitty!)"  Well because I like cats, and they're allowed to sit anywhere they like except on the kitchen counters!  😉   Hope everyone is having a great season.

Artchair 1

This chair is going to be donated to an art-chair-auction.  I decided to go for a local, christmas theme.

Charles@50 (finished work)

Acrylic on canvas, 16X20, August, 2013 finally got around to finish this portrait of my partner. I first did a grayscale under painting and then glazed over that with color. I definitely would appreciate any and all comments. 

Stanley's Garden

Acrylic on canvas 20X16, July, 2013 This is my first commissioned work. I was showing a picture of a painting I did of my dog to a co-worker and she asked me if I would paint her little Lhasa Apso dog named Stanley, who passed away last year. I placed Stanley in a garden setting with…