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Extra Room

Extra Room Extra Room is a profoundly emotional picture for me. The derelict thatched cottage had been abandoned several years earlier. The rather odd extra room with its slipping slates had been a country priest’s lodgings. I remembered a series of dreams I had had of a long-unnoticed extra room alongside my own house. It…

LakeSide, Dusk (Crop)

This is the one I intended to post. As you can see, in the first, the reflections don't read well – leading to confusion. It looks fine Full Scale, but something about reducing the image changes the characteristics

LakeSide, Dusk

12X18 Acrylic on Canvas Technique: Another in the October Road Series. This was a daytime view that I transformed into  a "dusk" setting.

October Road

Acrylic on canvas technique: This is a study compiled from several photos. My version for a painting challenge from another site.