Tag: Abstract Expressionism

Jackson Square New Orleans

Please critique this painting.  Acrylic, 16 x 20 on stretched canvas I like a lot of color. In 2008 I had a a stroke and for a few days I only had negative vision, everything looked like a photo negative. I could only see black and white. Frightening!  Now I have good color vision and…

abstract moving colors.

If you are interested in custom made small paintings please take a look at  artistpaintingonline.com contact me for further information! My website is www.artmullerjf.com my email artmuller2003@yahoo.com

Collage 1

My first foray into color and collage. Went to a workshop yesterday and came home with this collage but then could not resist tweaking in photoshop though what's been uploaded is very close to the original, juust cropped differently. As always, am open to critique. I kinow nothing about color except what I like and…