Tag: Abstract

The cities of Mars

Oil Painting: Oil on paper, 50 x 28 cm, 2016. From the series “Code”: A map is an imprint, a sign of man in the landscape. An alien intelligence, observing our cities from the great distances of the space, could interpret them as the characters of an alphabet, sort of messages, a code of signs,…

Vivid Thoughts

Acrylic Painting Vivid Thoughts is an original abstract painting created with acrylic and spray paints on canvas. 36×48in. Mixed Media on Canvas. Save


My work is about the walls which I have seen in my daily life. Different texture & structere of bengali front are shown in a alternative aspect with pictorial composition.I have found alternative story on those wall,which is the basic platform of my painting.


Figures in abstract shape´s form a futuristic objects or maybe ancient the material of the cast, to me was very hard to perform but i think are mental dream. hope you like it!

tribal butterfly

From the series “Please do not kill butterflies”, pins, oil and pencil on paper, 25 x 25 cm, 2016. Please, all these dead animals … Of course, not everyone of us can or want become vegetarian. Sure, in some cases, maybe, the medical experimentation needs them to get results. But we really have to kill…