Tag: 8″ X 10″

"Squeezed In"

So right away when I get done I see that my proportions are off, I got so carried away painting the reflections on the glass bowl I forgot to step away and get a good look.  But for this attempt I'm ok with that because I was focusing on the reflections anyway and the values…

Apple Trio

I am liking what has turned out to be a series of fruits in broken color.  Here, a just quick small study, 8 x 10 on canvas. Thanks for looking!

Winding Water

I really like the way the texture turned out on this one, gives it a kind of 3 dimensional quality.    It's an 8 x 10 oil on canvas, please let me know any C + C.


The reflections on the water, textures of the bark and patterns in the banks inspired me to try to capture the richness of the landscape.


I've been doing a lot of wedding couples lately.  Just love the looks on their faces.