Tips for Your Art Business from Artist Daily: Marketing Art on Your Website, Selling Art to Collectors, Art Licensing and Archiving, and Photographing Artwork Like a Pro

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Art and business go exceptionally well together. Artists who rise to the top not only create paintings or drawings that make people respond when they see them, they also sustain their careers by selling artwork or selling paintings, marketing art in the right way and to the right people, and understand the power of presentation—how crucial photographing paintings is and displaying art in a professional way. In the free eBook Marketing Art on Your Website, Selling Art to Collectors, and Photographing Artwork Like a Pro you’ll have access to the art and business information that you need to take significant steps in your own art business or on behalf of your clients if you are pursuing art for business.

Being successful in the art business is really as simple as that--a matter of getting to know the cornerstones of marketing art, selling art, photographing art, and displaying art. It’s all easier than it seems and it all starts right now. Get your free eBook today.


Expert advice on successfully selling art and improvig your art career

Tips for selling paintings to collectors and more

Get expert advice to successfully sell art and improve your art business.

The biggest and most important part of any art business is selling your art. Now there are many ways to do this. You can learn how to sell your art online, selling art through galleries, and how to sell your artwork directly to collectors. In this free tip guide, you’ll discover the ways of selling paintings to collectors, establishing relationships that could last your entire time in the art business.

Tips for Your Art Business

Running your own art business while trying to create inspiring art that keeps you satisfied can seem overwhelming but it isn’t as long as you know what to put your energy towards. In this free guide you'll learn the key areas to focus on:

  • Marketing art so that you can start to sell your art
  • How to sell paintings to collectors
  • Photographing art so that your work looks its best
  • Authenticating artwork so that nothing interferes when it comes time to sell your art
  • How to sell artwork and show a know-how for art and business that allows you to sustain a career selling your art.

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Sell Art Online with Our Free Tip Guide

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Sell Artwork Online
Set Up a Website that Works for You by John A. Parks

Two web designers share their tips on finding a designer and developing a site that is easy to work with. The first step in the art business is presentation, presentation, presentation. You want your art to be appreciated and that means showcasing it so that your art and business are taken seriously and pull people in as collectors, fans, possible students, and more. You will discover how to present your work visually, from how to photograph art so that it looks fresh and up to date to understanding that photographing paintings the right way means that neither color nor texture are compromised during the process. Presenting art well means you could be just steps away from successfully selling your art.


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Marketing Your Art to Sell
Collector and Collected by John A. Parks

The second step of art and business involves, obviously, marketing art. This means understanding and controlling how you and your work are perceived, whether you want to come across as a young up and coming painter or an established professional with tons of experience. It is up to you to have a marketing plan, and in this free guide you will find where to start and how to work your way through those questions. A savvy artist also knows that authenticating and archiving are a big part of selling art in a professional way, which means creating work that lasts and doesn’t get damaged over time and having your work professionally documented so that prospective buyers can trust the information they are receiving.

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Display Your Art to Sell
Photograph Your Art Like a Pro by John Hulsey and Ann Trusty

All the hard work and unique vision that we pour into our painting and drawing can result in artwork that we are proud of. The next step is to make an accurate photographic record of our art to share with friends, collectors, galleries and perhaps to enter into juried exhibitions.

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Make Your Artwork More Marketable and Reputable
Authenticating and Archiving Your Artwork by Peter Ouyang

Most artists know the pitfalls of using fugitive materials that cause their artwork to deteriorate, but they are often less cognizant of other threats to the future quality and value of their art. Chief among those is the lack of documentation about what they created, how they executed their work, and how they pursued their careers. Those considerations can affect the validity, future marketability, and potential value of an artist’s creation.

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Building a Successful Career in Art
Advice for Sustaining an Artistic Career

We surveyed dozens of professional artists and asked what advice they would give someone looking to build and maintain an art career, and their responses constitute a trove of hard-earned wisdom. As you would expect, many artists had differing or even contradictory views. It goes to show that there are many ways to succeed. Ultimately you must discover for yourself which of the many paths to an artistic career is right for you. So peruse these recommendations, find the ideas that strike a chord, and then give it your all. On some points, though, artists are almost unanimous in their opinions. You’ll find a few thoughts echoed over and over in these pages, and these are of paramount importance. Be yourself. Put your art first. And don’t give up.

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  Learn tips for photographing artwork to sell

Expert advice on successfully selling art and improvig your art career

With advice from trusted sources and fellow artists on how to make connections with collectors, you will have a foundation in the basics of art business. Learn what kind of online presence you’ll want to have and how you’ll want to be marketing art on your website, how to photograph paintings to get a correct sense of color and texture, and list of tips on sustaining a successful art business career!

Tips for Your Art Business from Artist Daily: Marketing Art on Your Website, Selling Art to Collectors, Art Licensing and Archiving, and Photographing Artwork Like a Pro

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