My Bio

I'm in my late late 60's. I was a professional singer for years and now I produce big band jazz in Las Vegas. 

I am a self taught artist and have found a mental niche to take me away into place of color and imagination and calm.  I love to go into my memories and pull out a few moments of time when things were good  and happy, now with a brush or a pencil, I can draw myself into a world of color and lines.  I hope you enjoy my art,

I raised 5 daughters.  My husband and I moved here in 1994 and don't really like it here but can't afford to move.  We have a large collection of cactus and two fish ponds, two cats,two dogs, ONE bird and two aquariums.  A BIG backyard that  is full of flowers and all things green.... We are retired from the work force but still stay very involved with producing jazz and Big Band music. Paradise