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My grandmother encouraged me at an early age to draw, paint, doodle & sketch. Looking back at half a century of "life with a pencil in hand", I have to say that art  has been a prime factor in helping me develop patience and an appreciation for this marvelously complex and diverse Universe which we are blessed to inhabit. I hope somehow to learn to reflect in my art, the art of grace and goodness that has been shown to me.

I have sporadically engaged in art classes over the years, but mostly, I am self-taught. That being said, most of my best work has arisen out of having to rescue it from the brink of utter disaster! Discovery and risk-taking can be a chaotic and unsettling process, but ultimately, your horizons expand and you grow to know yourself better. I summarize those experiences thus: You never discover what sort of painter you really are, until you've painted yourself into a corner!

So I encourage you to grab your brush & find out what you're really made of.