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Los Angeles-based artist Sandra Cooper is renowned for her distinctive abstract expressionist style. Her paintings and drawings are unique in their ability to stimulate viewers visually and emotionally with both passion and contradiction. Her striking images encourage viewers to use their own mind’s eye to interpret the movement of paint across canvas. Cooper wants to evoke an emotional response to her art, rather than merely object recognition. “If I wanted to recreate exactly what I saw, I would use my camera. My style celebrates the randomness of abstract expressionism.” “Why paint the entire scene when it’s the negative space that fills my imagination with the creative possibilities of ‘What if’” Cooper says.

Cooper's “Heart Felt Series”, painted under her “nom de art” R. Vega, is reflective of the powerful abstract nudes she is known for. Cooper’s style and technique are reflected in the media she uses. Whether it is watercolors, mono prints, mono types, charcoal line drawings or acrylics and collage, her work is recognized as a consistent signature of talent.

Cooper says, "The freedom expressed in my art displays an energetic flow that often leads me to action painting." Although she is known more for abstract figurative art, her series inspired by the coral surrounding Phi Phi Island just off of Phuket, Thailand is a prime example of such action painting.


  • 13 Jun 2012
  • Abbot Kinney First Fridays

    Had a great show at Abbot Kinney First Fridays with Very Venice Art and Design Gallery on June 1!


  • 15 Feb 2011
  • The Happening Gallery

    The Happening Gallery

    Art: The A-List

    February 10 - March 5

    Artists' Reception February 20 from Noon-3:00pm

    4047 Lincolnd Boulevard

    Marina Del Ray, CA

  • BlogTalkRadio - The ORACLE

  • BlogTalkRadio - The ORACLE Speaks

    Februrary 20th from 3:00-4:00PM (PST) BlogTalkRadio. The ORACLE Speaks, hosted by Denise L. Cook, with special guest Artist Sandra Cooper. UK Songwriter Artie Q's single "Not a Lot of Love", which was inspired by Cooper's "Out of Control", will be played.

    Call In: (805) 285-9772

  • Sound Art

    "SOUND ART" opens March 3 at The Loft in San Pedro and continues through April 7, 2011.
    Opening reception with live music
    : Thursday
    March 3, 6-9 P.M. to coincide with San Pedro's Monthly Artwalks
    Second reception with live music
    : Thursday
    April 7, 6-9 P.M. to coincide with San Pedro's Monthly Artwalks
    401 S. Mesa, San Pedro, CA 90731

    "SOUND ART" is the first in a series of brick-and-mortar exhibitions based on LarkGallery Online's international competition "COLORS OF LIFE" which involved interactively matching art and music. The competing musicians and artists, including several artist-and-musician entrants, were fascinated by the resemblance and reflection between music and art. To see the results of this experiment, please visit our site: