My Bio


I was born in Kerala, India. I moved to the United States in 2008. I live with my wife, my son and my daughter in California and is active in the artist community. I served as a Board Member of the Torrance Artists' Guild in Los Angeles and am also a member of El Segundo Art Association, Los Angeles and a Signature member of International Society of Acrylic Painters. (ISAP)

In the beginning . . .

In 2010 I started painting without any art education , mostly landscapes, in acrylics, and developed or discovered my own techniques and style. I had never done any drawing or painting prior to that.

Two years later I started doing figure and portraits and also painting in Oils….. ever since I love Oils and figure/portraits.

My Artilosophy.

I paint in both Acrylics and Oils.When I use Acrylics I paint in multiple layers.

I paint “wet on wet” with Oils and I finish the entire painting in one single layer.

I understand the importance of drawing.

I like to draw and paint from life whenever possible. 

I am convinced that some times photos are the only option or better option. In those cases I use photos.

” I do not like painting images. I like to paint messages that have the form and color of images. ”

Rency Punnoose.