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I'm a retired English teacher - all levels - Navy vet, father, husband, grandfather, writer, surfer, and aspiring watercolorist. I realize I have a long way to go on the last, but I'm working every day to get better; the other things in the queue, I've been blessed, and I know it. Thanks to all of the artists for the inspiration, and, at times, the daunting task of measuring up. God bless. Jim


  • 5 Nov 2013
  • GoodFellow

    I've just recently finished a book of short stories entitled GoodFellow. This is a hysterically funny collection of stories from my crazy childhood, reminiscent of the late, great Jean Shepherd. All of the tales are basically true although some of the craziness might sound made up. I promise it's not. The book is available exclusively through Amazon's Kindle eBook Store. It doesn't cost much and it's a good read; funny, appropriate, and, hopefully, will transport you to a time that was a bit more gentle and sensible. Thanks, friends.  Jim Karjala